Best Stroller for Twins

Double Snap & Go Stroller

What is the best stroller out there for parents of twins??? I started wondering this even before the babies were born. The simplest answer is you will need to have several (at least 2) strollers to in order to make your life easier. I have gone through multiple strollers and my twins aren’t even 1 year yet! The first and foremost stroller you need to purchase is a “snap and go” (also know as “click and go”. This is the type of stroller where you can just click the infant carrier carseats onto the metal frame of the stroller. And voila – you and your babies are mobile! In my opinion the best place to purchase one is craigslist. You can pick one up for as little as $50. If you prefer to purchase one new, you can buy them at BabiesRUs for about $125.

The next type of stroller you will need is a “sport utility” type stroller. This stroller will be easy to take on hikes and trails, it will be great walking in the sand at the beach and ideal for camping. Many twin moms love the Bob Revolution Duallie. Alternatively there is the Baby Jogger City Mini, or the Double Chariot (which is also a bike trailer)

Sport Utility Stroller

And just when you think you’ve got everything covered, your babies will outgrow the double snap and go, and you will need to purchase an “umbrella” type stroller in order to get you into the store / mall / restaurant / airport with as little hassle as possible. Some popular umbrella types include: Maclaren Twin Techno or Twin Triumph , Baby Jogger City Select or the Jeep Double Stroller. You might be thinking “This is going to cost me a fortune!” But it doesn’t have to… I suggest splurging on one stroller (the most popular splurge seems to be on the sport utility stroller) and then finding an umbrella and snap & go stroller second hand.  OR you can do what I did and splurge on  your umbrella stroller ( I bought the city select) and found a second hand Chariot Stroller on Craigslist and Double Snap and Go at a Swap Meet.  Whichever way you choose just bare in mind that you are probably not going to have just one stroller.

Comments below are open – we would love to know about your favorite stroller?  Please share your advice with other moms choosing a stroller.

Baby Jogger City Select

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3 Responses to Best Stroller for Twins

  1. Dianna says:

    I have a Mountain Buggy Urban DOuble, and will forever sing its praises! I LOVE it, and it was worth every penny of the hefty price tag.

  2. Alexandra says:

    For us, finding the perfect stroller was easy, but we got the advice of other twin families and they definitely helped with our decision. We started with the snap and go, which was great at first, but going on walks or to the mall was quite the feat. It is long and cumbersome to steer. It only lasted a few months and now sits in our garage, waiting for me to post it on craigslist. When the boys were a few months old we splurged on the Baby Jogger City Mini and some much needed accessories and I have to say, I think this is our forever stroller (though height may become an issue down the road). I love that you can steer one-handed, fit through all doors and fold it up in a snap. I LOVE that I can lift it anywhere, weighing in at around 22 pounds, I think. I LOVE the canopy that can hide the kiddos away from prying strangers. I hate that all the accessories are sold seperately and cost a fortune, as well as having a terrible storage basket.
    We also have a jogger as I realized, despite its name, the Baby Jogger can not be used for jogging. I do not like my jogging stroller – a second hand Baby Trend with a fixed front wheel. The only thing I do like about it is the huge storage basket and the tires are good for trails. This stroller will probably end up being our winter stroller when the snow is thick on the ground. I do panic now and then how we address the stroller issue if we do end up having another baby….hopefully these boys start walking, and soon!

  3. Cam Martin says:

    BOB Rules! Expensive but the perfect SUS. Sad, but our kids have decided walking is the only way to go. BOB hangs on the wall in the garage…lonely.
    Still, a long day at the zoo or park and they are quick to jump in and take a load off.
    Backup for tighter spots…Jeep Umbrella or our the front and back convertable. The Jeep seems to be they one they like these days. One doesnt like to sit behind the other in case “he” missie something.

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