Dear Walmart Canada

Dear Walmart Canada

Why don’t you have shopping carts with sitting areas for 2 children? All of your competitors have 2 seater shopping carts… Real Canadian Superstore / Loblaws, Costco , Save On Foods, PriceMart even Safeway! I am fairly certain that your “target market” is families with 2 or more children – so why don’t you have shopping buggies for 2 or more children? I am a mom of twins – (yes – I got 2 for 1!)  if I need to get groceries, it is nearly impossible to do so at your store!

To get around the fact there is only a seat for one child, here is what i have tried:

1)  Push the grocery cart and pull the double baby buggy.
2) 1 child can go in the snuggly while the other sits in the shopping cart seat
3) 1 child can sit in the main basket (inside a portable highchair) while the other sits in the child seat.

Annika in the portable highchair While some of these options are borderline brilliant (LOL) none of them are as ideal as a shopping buggy with 2 seats. So here I pose a question to other moms: How do you shop when there is only a seat for one child? I would love to hear your alternatives and suggestions!  Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Anita Ytsma says:

    I have twins that are 9 months and a 2.5 year old shopping is a struggle for us because the shopping carts here in BC where we live are designed to accommodate only one child….When I was visiting family in whitby Ontario this past May, I shopped at a newly opened walmart. I came home in excitement to announce to my family that this was the best shopping experiencing EVER…as I was able to take all three children with me to Walmart and shop!!! My family were shocked by my amazement..yet having twins makes doing simple things such as shopping any parent with twins will understand!!

    The reason why I was so thrilled was the shopping cart that this Walmart in whitby ontario had, could accommodate all three children!!

    It was a two tiered cart, similar to the superstore, yet in the top tier, there was also seating room not for one child, or two… but three!! Yes, my twins at the time were only 5 months and could not sit..So the solution, was that my two year old sat in the seating area and Twin A was in her car seat in the top tier of the cart and twin B in the car seat in the bottom of the cart…still not alot of room for groceries..yet I was able to FINALLY go shopping with all three!!

    If only the Walmart that I go to in South Surrey would get these carts..Walmart would have my business for LIFE!!

    Mom of infant twins and a 2.5year old

  2. Oh geez, don’t even get me started on this. I go shopping with the twins and the big guy. So things are especially nuts. I went to a Ralphs recently that had a cart with two seats up top and a toy car on the front for the big guy. Brilliant, I thought. Until all the alarms went off as I tried to walk to the car because that cart is not allowed to go out of the store! Boy did I have words with the manager over that. OK enough from me.

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