The Flu

My 8 month old twins have their first cold / flu. I am dis-heartened that there is very little cold & flu medicine available for babies! I have purchased some (highly overpriced -about $17 for 12 capsuls) homeopathic drops and have been waiting for the twins to show some relief. That was yesterday. Still waiting.

I have tried to unplug their noses with one of those nasal aspirators – that was a very tramatic experience for both the babies and mommy! After all that crying & fussing it didn’t really work. HOWEVER – on my 3rd trip to the pharmacy, I found the ultimate snot sucker – hydrasense infant nasal aspirator. (Cost is about $20) Sounds gross but you put the bulb in your child’s nose and then you put a tube in your mouth and you suck (like a vacuum) to pull out the snot – don’t worry NOTHING GOES IN YOUR OWN MOUTH – the mucus is pulled into a chamber and the filter prevents anything to go through. They HATE this, however it works like a charm! I also have a Vick’s vaporizer (Cost is about $16) in each of their rooms and have been elevating their heads with a firm pillow which is allowing them to breathe easier when they are sleeping.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Advice? Or basic sanity saving tips? I’d love to know how other moms combat the flu! I look forward to reading your comments!

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  1. Daphine says:

    Cute Blog – I am looking forward to reading more of your stories! My advice is while you’re at the pharmacy pick up some cold fx for yourself! The last thing you need is to be sick as well!

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