If you knew then, what you know now, what would you have purchased? What would you have omitted?

Ok, so I am only 9 months into this, but I already have some regrets on purchases made. The major one? TWO Petunia Picklebottom Bags. – yes two! One for me and one for the hubs. First off the hubs has NEVER used his bag. It is still sitting in the closet with tags on. Secondly as cool as my designer diaper bag is, it is not practical. Had I known that it is (nearly) impossible to look chic and cool when out and about with twins, I would have saved my money.

What are the flaws in the diaper bag you ask?

  • No cooler area to store bottles / snacks
  • No mommy area to store keys, wallet, phone
  • No back pocket to stuff miscellaneous things
  • No “removable” small pouch so that when you don’t need the whole bag you can just grab a couple of diapers & wipes.

All in all it was an expensive and unpractical purchase. What about you? If you knew then, what you know now, what would you have purchased? What would you have omitted? Would love to hear your comments!

PS: Here’s the hubs bag. Is anyone interested in purchasing it? Seriously.

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14 Responses to If you knew then, what you know now, what would you have purchased? What would you have omitted?

  1. Alexandra says:

    There isn’t much I regret buying, or not having at all….other than maybe a retro bouncy chair until they were almost too big to use it – that was a life saver at times. The bumbo came into our lives later in the game, but I do like it and do wish that I had two, but we make due. It really helps out it I need to hose the boys off after lunch or a diaper accident – I just plop it in the shower and fill it with a bit of warm water, then in they go. They love it!
    I also have a crazy expensive diaper bag, that is awesome, but has been sitting unused since I started using the Columbia diaper backpack – that thing is so handy, I love the mommy compartment and the insulated compartment. It snaps onto the stroller and has become my “never leave the house without it” item (it has also replaced my purse, because lord knows I don’t need any extra crap to carry). Every other item we own that makes my house look like BRU has been a total lifesaver and money well spent!

  2. Patty says:

    The biggest mistake I made was spending a lot of money on crib bedding, bumper pads, quilt etc. For future moms and dads, “You don’t use it!!!!!” Never did and now I have this beautiful bedding never used and I feel too sad to sell it. So I will have brand new crib bedding washed once until I give it to them.

  3. JENNIFER says:

    My first child was very colicky and the cradle swing we got him was our savior. It was THE ONLY THING he would sleep in. And it saved our sanity. So, when I was pregnant with my second child, I immediately bought a new cradle swing all pretty in pink. She hated it. We hardly ever used it and I had to resale it on craigslist at a huge loss! That was my first lesson that kids are different and not to expect what works with one to work with another.

    Visiting from SITS- I’m in your tribe! ;-)

  4. TornadoTwos says:

    With this last baby I wish I never bought the double stroller. I knew it wasn’t the one I wanted when I bought it, but it was cheaper then the one I had my eye on. I hardly ever used it and we ended up selling it to a daycare, lost $100 on that thing. :/ Should have just gone without.
    On the other side, with this last baby I got a cosleeper, and boy do I wish I’d gotten it sooner! It was one of my favorite things, worth every penny. And the moby wrap- I only had that for my last 2 kids, wish I knew about it with my colicky one!
    Visiting from SITS, I’m in your tribe!

  5. Steph says:

    Regrets? Not getting a Chariot jogger! Those things are light as a feather and properly balanced!
    Regret: taking the kids out of cribs too soon – 3 times!
    Regret: Going back to work full time after baby #1
    Agree on the Bumbo…finally got one for baby #3 and it was worth it.

  6. Malificent Page says:

    The Bumbo chair and tray. My daughter used it and didn’t like it. Receiving blankets in my opinion are completely pointless. I have 5 chidren and one set of twins are included in this number. Those receiving blankets don’t stretch for swaddling and they outgrow them in a month. Invest in some nice big, luxurious blankets for your babies that they can use through “toddlerhood” and beyond. My two year old still uses her nice ones as stroller blankets in the Winter or in the crib. Buy almost all larger sizes in baby clothes. Especially the nice ones. It is always okay for the clothes to be a little big on a baby (especially one who isn’t walking) If they are too small on the other hand, they can’t be worn. Which brings me to my other warning. I just took 10 pairs of size 5 shoes to my local baby consignment store. :) I know she is my last so I overdid it, but babies’ feet grow so quickly that one or 2-3 pairs at a time should do it. I think that’s all for now. I love my Petunia pickle bottom bag, but I think thats because it is attachhed to the back of my stroller at all times – so it just served as extra storage and a little decoration to make mommy happy.:) You are doing great with those twins, Cathy! It’s a tough job having twins! Definitely not for sissies. lol PS – The one thing I loved when my twins were little, were those portable swings (the short ones that folded up to take with you) They were great and you coul just tote them from room to room in the house if you wanted to too. It was an unexpected great item. I also really loved my Metro mama wras. My last daughter lived in that thing for about 5 months while I moved through life cooking, cleaning and shopping for all those other kids of mine.

  7. Rick Jackson says:

    Many many strollers. 3 zoopers, a Sit and stand, a Phil and Teds, and Evenflows, In the end a BoB which should have been purchased day one. It was an expensive mistake, most sold for close to purchase price (some even above ;) but the BoB is the best.

  8. Lisa says:

    oh so many items that sat unused or that were not necessary: crib, change table, bottles, soothers, high chair, baby bath tub, bassinet, breast pumps and oh so many strollers.
    If I had known then, what I know now, I would have only purchased a bedside co-sleeper, a few (more) really good nursing bras and a sling.

  9. Kate says:

    Regrets: the very expensive and adorable wool pea coat, size 3-6 months. My daughter wore it once promptly barfed in it and then it had to go to the dry cleaners. Seriously, who buys dry clean only baby clothes! Lesson learned.

    • admin says:

      LOL! I also got suckered into 2 dry clean only outfits for my peeps! Question: why would they even MAKE dry clean only clothes for babies?????

  10. I really don’t have any regrets that I can think of. When we were planning to have 1 child, our initial purchasing idea was new everything. Once it was determined there would be two bundles – second hand all the way. Garage sales and craigslist were my best friends. I didn’t pay more than $50/crib, I only bought 1 of each of the soothing equipment such as the swing & bouncy chair and just went between the big items.

    I regret NOT having a bumbo chair. My kids were too big once I discovered them.

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