Mompetition: Why I can’t make mom friends

A friend of mine sent me this vid – I laughed and had to share. Let me know which part of the video resonates the most for you. Mine is the “I have a 5 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old, so it’s just like having twins” I am fairly certain that all the multiple mamas reading this have heard that before. Which part of the video did you relate to the most?

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11 Responses to Mompetition: Why I can’t make mom friends

  1. Patty says:

    This was so funny. I think I have had this conversation with different moms many times.

  2. This is SO funny!!!
    Is it bad that I just wrote an very LONG article about why I don’t use time-out? I think I might have come across as the blonde crazy lady! Oh crap!

  3. I loved this video! She has a blog she posts them on and I subscribe to it so I can see her other stuff too. Its all pretty darn good!

  4. Oh. My. Word.
    I haven’t laughed so hard at a video since that dog who was sleepwalking.
    I shamefully admit that I’m with the blonde chick on some of them- I do a lot of the things she does (co-sleeping, etc.) but I do NOT judge others for choosing different methods &I advocate that you have to do what’s right for your family!

    Thanks for posting this, if it’s okay I plan on posting it on my personal Facebook page. & Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day the other day!

  5. Jenni Chiu says:

    This is sooooo fantastic!
    The part that resonates the most with me… that would be the hand gesture at the end.

    PS- Baaa Tribe in the house!

  6. I almost wish my girls were twins. I don’t know what’s worse – Going through it all at once but twice as hard or having it drawn out and continuous for longer. Mine are 2 and 3 and it is NOT “just like having twins.” That’s for sure!

  7. TornadoTwos says:

    This is funny! I will say that I have a 5yo, 3yo and 1 1/2 yo but you will be pleased to know I’ve NEVER said it’s just like having twins! I imagine that must irk you just as much as when people hear I have 5 kids, and once they hear my older two are 12 and 11 they say “Oh, well at least you have the older ones to help.”

    Um, yeah, having 5 is much easier then if we had had just the 3. Good grief, people can be such idiots.

  8. Dianna says:

    Oh, dear — I’m the crazy one with all three littles in bed with me, still nursing the twins, and using cloth diapers.


    This DID make me laugh — and there’s nothing that makes me cringe more then when people tell me, “It’s just like having twins.”

    Um …. no, it’s REALLY not.

  9. Crystal Lien says:

    Hey- I’m here from our SITS BAA tribe. Just wanted to check out your blog and say Hi.


  10. Janene says:

    As long as all the other kids are vaccinated mine won’t catch anything…


    I have a friend who is convinced that her son will become Autistic if she gets him his vaccines as scheduled. The internet told her. So when I tell her that all of my children have been vaccinated on time she looks at me like I’m crazy.

    I also have a friend who doesn’t let her kids watch TV…I actually think that would be great because they would probably be more independent and play better, etc….but I couldn’t do it! hehehe

  11. Steph says:

    I laughed out loud when I saw this…it’s too true!

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