What strangers ask that really pisses me off…

Being  a mom of twins has given me a bit of “celebrity” status up here in Canada. Strangers who normally mind their own business and go about their day have been seen RUNNING over to me to ask about / look at my twins.

Most of them smile and tell me how cute my peeps are, but more often than not, there is ONE looming question that they just can’t stop themselves from asking.  So here it is, the big question that REALLY pisses me off:

“Are you breastfeeding?”

Come on people? Am I asking you about what your doing with your breasts? Or your penis for that matter? (Yes – strange MEN stop me and ask me if I am breastfeeding – isn’t that weird? creepy? inappropriate?) I wonder if these same strange men would ask my husband “So, did you circumcise your son? Are you circumcised?”

Even though it really pisses me off, I have done my best to answer politely (and honestly) that yes I did both: breast feeding & bottle feeding. So now it’s my turn to ask you…

What personal questions about your kids (or about your parenting) have strangers asked  that really piss you off? I can’t wait to read your comments :)

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11 Responses to What strangers ask that really pisses me off…

  1. AnnieD says:

    Well I don’t have twins, so some of these comments don’t apply to me (although I find them to be ridiculous!) but I did have someone ask me if my boys, who look nearly identical just 3 years apart, had the same father. Um, excuse me? A. that is NONE of your business, and B. is it just assumed now that no one has more than 1 child with someone? Are all kids a “surprise”? I was blown away by that question. And I think the asker was a little blown away by my response ;)

  2. Anita says:

    Obviously we are not alone!! Everytime I am out with my twins (boy and girl)..soooo many people stop us and ask to look at our twins..my husband and I are thinking we should charge people a “viewing fee”! :)

    Like others who have also committed..we have been asked so many times the following..
    1)” Are they identical?”
    We get asked this from even the smartest people..or so we thought they were smart…our twins are a boy and a girl and we dress them in sex appropriate clothing…so how can they be identical?? But like others..we politely respond by saying “no they are not identical….they are a boy and a girl”

    2) ” You must be done having children..”
    We reply yes..but I think the next time I am asked, I may say “no, that we want more children” to see how they will respond!

    3) “When is your husband getting fixed…”
    like the breastfeeding post..that is a little personal don’t you think!!

    4)” Are you breastfeeding…”
    Again a personal question..yet the nonverbal expression of disappointment when I reply with a firm “no..are you kidding!” Followed with “I would like to start a blog on why bottle feeding is better than breast feeding!” I also have a two year old who was breast fed, yet the logistics of breastfeeding twins is impossible!!

  3. Steph says:

    I often get “Have you figured out how it works, yet?” from FAMILY! Every time.
    I also get asked pretty much on a daily basis, if my two oldest boys, 2 years apart, are twins.

  4. TornadoTwos says:

    Let’s see, I’ve had so many…. OH! I actually HAVE had someone ask about my husband’s penis, as in- “Haven’t you ever heard of a vasectomy?” Yes, I’ve actually been asked this, numerous times. How do you even respond to that one?

    Visiting from our tribe!

  5. Crystal & Co says:

    So, are you nursing? You never told us. KIDDING! :)

    People do as that questions a lot. For me it is did you nurse them because my twins are now 4 years old. For a man to ask you that is just wacky!!!

    I like it when people ask me how do we tell them apart. (Our twins are fraternal. One looks white with blond hair and blue eyes. The other looks latin with dark brown hair and brown eyes. There is easily a 2 inch height difference.)

    My response is always: are you looking at them?

    Or, when people say how did you have twins?

    Really? Did your momma not tell you about the birds and the bees? Well, first my husband….

  6. I never had too many people ask annoying or personal questions but when my twins were babies EVERYONE wanted to look at them. Total strangers would stop me in the grocery store two or three times every visit. My sister has a son a year younger and another a year older than my boys. One time we mixed up the kids in our double strollers (one of mine and one of hers) then walked around a summer town festival and NO ONE even looked twice at me! It was great not to have any attention over my twins!

  7. Patty says:

    I think one of the funniest questions we got was when we were stopped while out for a walk one day. The lady stopped to see if they were twins after we told her yes they were she proceeded to comment on how much bigger our son was to our daughter and the she says. Oh, ” was she born premature?”. Thats right had her and then decided to keep the other one in the oven for a few more months. Boy people can be funny.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I second the question “are you done yet?”.

  9. Janene says:

    I have 4 kids – the oldest one is 4. I think what pisses me off is when people make comments like, “Are you finally done?” or “Don’t you have a TV” or “Did you figure out what causes this yet?” Like DH and I are having so many kids because we are stupid or don’t know what we are doing. The only one of my kids that we didn’t really plan was David…and that is because he is a TWIN! We didn’t know we were going to have 2 at once…it was an added bonus.

    Grr…people should really think about how sometimes their “jokes” aren’t funny to the person they are joking with. :)

    PS – stopping by from our SITs Tribe – I really hope things pick up a bit there. :(

  10. Cam Martin says:

    Not sure if my wife had that one! One question we often got that was funny is” Are they Identical? ”
    Like your peeps we have a boy and girl, and from day one the boys was in blue and the girl was in Pink. Even after telling some people they were B and G they asked” So are they identical?”
    It never made sense to me, I guess when people relate to twins they think Identicals?
    So I would explain…

    Boys have a Penis, and girls have a vagina! They are far from Identical!

  11. Erin says:

    I will NEVER forget that creepy guy that asked you if you were breastfeeding while oogling your breasts. Seriously. Even though I have twins, I haven’t experienced that…thankfully. The main question I get that bugs me is “oh…a boy and a girl! Are they identical?” First of all, IF they were boy/girl twins (which they’re not) do you think they would be identical?! And, when you look at my boys you can see they’re not identical. They’re about as identical as Obama & Bush.

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