The Stupidest Thing My Hubby has Ever Said.

A couple of weeks ago at about 3 in the afternoon I called my husband to ask what time he would be coming home from work. He is normally home around 4:30 but sometimes he slips out early and is home by 4:00. Turns out he was going to come home early and I asked him to pick up a BIG bottle of wine on the way home. (It was one of those days where I could hardly wait to put the babies to bed :P )

When the hubs got home he was greeted with a pile of dishes in the sink, two cookie faced monsters babies, Baby Einstein blaring on the TV and no dinner ready. He looked around and asked me “What have you been DOING all day anyway?”

I am fairly certain that I don’t need to go into details as to what happened next. Lets just say he won’t dare ask that question EVER again.

So now it’s your turn… what is the stupidest thing your husband has ever said?

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3 Responses to The Stupidest Thing My Hubby has Ever Said.

  1. Oh boy. Poor guy didn’t know what he was saying! Sorry he shoved his foot so far into his mouth!

  2. gemmad03 says:

    As I spent the first month of mommyhood learning that a) patience is a virtue and b) it does get easier….my husband would respond to those who asked how we were adjusting to parenthood ” It’s easy! I don’t know what people whine about”. and then they looked over at me and I gave them a slightly exasperated look..and then I loudly responded ” it’s like your mother in law calling you every 3 hrs and for the first hour, she doesn’t speak english or anything comprehensible and REPEAT. Funny thing is, after that he explains it just as I did. ha! second stupid thing was hubby bought earplugs, misplaced them and asked me where they went..I gave him an evil eye and said flatly ” you don’t get earplugs…’cuz I don’t!” .

  3. I hate it when my husband asks me that question. It’s as if I’ve been laying around all day eating bon bons or something!

    Another thing I hate is when he says “Are you wearing that out?”

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