Dumb things strangers say….

I was at London Drugs the other day (for my USA friends that is kind of like Walgreens) picking up a cable for our DVD. (Our DVD player broke which meant that Baby Eisenstein could not be turned on… a MAJOR problem at our house that needed immediate fixing)

The choices of cables were from $50 to $200 and I ended up asking a salesman to explain the differences so that I could make my choice. Essentially there is not a huge difference in cables so I settled on a $60 cable and the salesman brought it up to the till for me. We were chatting about family, and how he has 6 children and then he turned to me and asked “So, when are you due?”

I stopped mid sentence and while my cheeks went bright red, my mouth was hanging open… finally I said ” Actually, I am not pregnant…but I DID just have twins a year ago….”

“A year ago?” He asks. “What is the date exactly?”

I told him “December 30th”

He said”Oh, that really is a year ago isn’t? Well I guess it takes a while to work all that off….”


I was honestly SHOCKED! What do I say at this point?

This was one of those moments that I will relive over and over in my mind, each time coming up with snarlier and more clever remarks that will sting the salesman and leave him feeling like a crushed blade of grass…

Unfortunately, the reality is; I self consciously took my $60 purchase from the salesman and left the store.

When I got home I immediately did 2 things:

  1. I called my BFF and My hubs and told them both the whole story. Both agreed the salesman is an idiot.
  2. I burned the shirt I was wearing since it apparently makes me look pregnant.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? What are some of the stupid things strangers have said to you about being pregnant or losing your baby weight?

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3 Responses to Dumb things strangers say….

  1. What a jerk! I’ve always been a bit rounder, so I’ve been mistaken for pregnant before I even had The Boy. I’ve taken to just going everywhere with my child so people aren’t jerks. Obviously I have my child therefore I muse just be fluffy.

  2. Steph says:

    No. That’s horrible!
    I’ve have that “I could have said this…I’ll go back and say this…” so many times!

  3. gemmad03 says:

    Oh Cathy…..you should’ve asked him how long it takes to get his foot out of his mouth! What a dolt!

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