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Dear Walmart Canada

Dear Walmart Canada Why don’t you have shopping carts with sitting areas for 2 children? All of your competitors have 2 seater shopping carts… Real Canadian Superstore / Loblaws, Costco , Save On Foods, PriceMart even Safeway! I am fairly … Continue reading

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Twin Halloween Costumes

Our first Halloween with the twins is just around the corner and I have been thinking endlessly of cute “twin-like” costumes. I have never been very creative when it comes to costumes but I am happy to share the ideas … Continue reading

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Best Stroller for Twins

What is the best stroller out there for parents of twins??? I started wondering this even before the babies were born. The simplest answer is you will need to have several (at least 2) strollers to in order to make … Continue reading

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A little mom-inspiration

Saw this on facebook and brought a tear to my eye and thought I would share it with all of you. After you watch the video leave a comment about if you could go back, what would have told yourself … Continue reading

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The Flu

My 8 month old twins have their first cold / flu. I am dis-heartened that there is very little cold & flu medicine available for babies! I have purchased some (highly overpriced -about $17 for 12 capsuls) homeopathic drops and … Continue reading

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