Dear Walmart Canada

Dear Walmart Canada

Why don’t you have shopping carts with sitting areas for 2 children? All of your competitors have 2 seater shopping carts… Real Canadian Superstore / Loblaws, Costco , Save On Foods, PriceMart even Safeway! I am fairly certain that your “target market” is families with 2 or more children – so why don’t you have shopping buggies for 2 or more children? I am a mom of twins – (yes – I got 2 for 1!)  if I need to get groceries, it is nearly impossible to do so at your store!

To get around the fact there is only a seat for one child, here is what i have tried:

1)  Push the grocery cart and pull the double baby buggy.
2) 1 child can go in the snuggly while the other sits in the shopping cart seat
3) 1 child can sit in the main basket (inside a portable highchair) while the other sits in the child seat.

Annika in the portable highchair While some of these options are borderline brilliant (LOL) none of them are as ideal as a shopping buggy with 2 seats. So here I pose a question to other moms: How do you shop when there is only a seat for one child? I would love to hear your alternatives and suggestions!  Please leave a comment below.

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Twin Halloween Costumes

These are not my babies but BOY ARE THEY CUTE !!!Our first Halloween with the twins is just around the corner and I have been thinking endlessly of cute “twin-like” costumes. I have never been very creative when it comes to costumes but I am happy to share the ideas that I have. Since my twins are boy / girl most of the costumes on my list are as well… ok here it goes:

Mini & Micky Mouse
Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee
Devil & Angel
Cop & Robber
Witch & Wizzard
Tigger & Pooh
Batman & Robin
Puppy & Kitten
Fireman & Cop

I would LOVE to hear your ideas? What do you think could be a cute Halloween costume for twins? Leave your comments below. Thanks :)

I got a great response from posting this on facebook so here are a few more suggestions:

  • ebony and ivory
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat
  • bumble bee & lady bug…
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwich
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Best Stroller for Twins

Double Snap & Go Stroller

What is the best stroller out there for parents of twins??? I started wondering this even before the babies were born. The simplest answer is you will need to have several (at least 2) strollers to in order to make your life easier. I have gone through multiple strollers and my twins aren’t even 1 year yet! The first and foremost stroller you need to purchase is a “snap and go” (also know as “click and go”. This is the type of stroller where you can just click the infant carrier carseats onto the metal frame of the stroller. And voila – you and your babies are mobile! In my opinion the best place to purchase one is craigslist. You can pick one up for as little as $50. If you prefer to purchase one new, you can buy them at BabiesRUs for about $125.

The next type of stroller you will need is a “sport utility” type stroller. This stroller will be easy to take on hikes and trails, it will be great walking in the sand at the beach and ideal for camping. Many twin moms love the Bob Revolution Duallie. Alternatively there is the Baby Jogger City Mini, or the Double Chariot (which is also a bike trailer)

Sport Utility Stroller

And just when you think you’ve got everything covered, your babies will outgrow the double snap and go, and you will need to purchase an “umbrella” type stroller in order to get you into the store / mall / restaurant / airport with as little hassle as possible. Some popular umbrella types include: Maclaren Twin Techno or Twin Triumph , Baby Jogger City Select or the Jeep Double Stroller. You might be thinking “This is going to cost me a fortune!” But it doesn’t have to… I suggest splurging on one stroller (the most popular splurge seems to be on the sport utility stroller) and then finding an umbrella and snap & go stroller second hand.  OR you can do what I did and splurge on  your umbrella stroller ( I bought the city select) and found a second hand Chariot Stroller on Craigslist and Double Snap and Go at a Swap Meet.  Whichever way you choose just bare in mind that you are probably not going to have just one stroller.

Comments below are open – we would love to know about your favorite stroller?  Please share your advice with other moms choosing a stroller.

Baby Jogger City Select

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A little mom-inspiration

Saw this on facebook and brought a tear to my eye and thought I would share it with all of you. After you watch the video leave a comment about if you could go back, what would have told yourself just before your babies were born?

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The Flu

My 8 month old twins have their first cold / flu. I am dis-heartened that there is very little cold & flu medicine available for babies! I have purchased some (highly overpriced -about $17 for 12 capsuls) homeopathic drops and have been waiting for the twins to show some relief. That was yesterday. Still waiting.

I have tried to unplug their noses with one of those nasal aspirators – that was a very tramatic experience for both the babies and mommy! After all that crying & fussing it didn’t really work. HOWEVER – on my 3rd trip to the pharmacy, I found the ultimate snot sucker – hydrasense infant nasal aspirator. (Cost is about $20) Sounds gross but you put the bulb in your child’s nose and then you put a tube in your mouth and you suck (like a vacuum) to pull out the snot – don’t worry NOTHING GOES IN YOUR OWN MOUTH – the mucus is pulled into a chamber and the filter prevents anything to go through. They HATE this, however it works like a charm! I also have a Vick’s vaporizer (Cost is about $16) in each of their rooms and have been elevating their heads with a firm pillow which is allowing them to breathe easier when they are sleeping.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Advice? Or basic sanity saving tips? I’d love to know how other moms combat the flu! I look forward to reading your comments!

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